A pan-national collaborative analytics platform
for the improvement of health and healthcare

Insights from large-scale healthcare data are central to healthcare planning, clinical research, service management and practice innovation. The Atmohealth platform simplifies the integration of data from multiple sources and streamlines data discovery for both specialist and non-technical end users.

Clinical Research

Atmohealth simplifies the integration of multiple large-scale datasets, the identification of complex cohorts, and the combined exploration of phenotypic and genotypic data.

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Day-to-day Practice

Atmohealth enables everyone concerned with quality of care to engage with quality improvement initiatives, identify cost savings, review performance and enhance their practice.

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Distributed Analytics

Atmohealth scales easily to support multi-institutional benchmarking, clinical research and registries, and population health management on a local, regional, national or pan-national basis.

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Atmotalk is our regular blog and discussion forum on topics and challenges around the use of large-scale health and healthcare data. If you’d like to contribute ideas or comments you can do so by joining the Atmohealth Community. You’ll then receive notifications whenever a new blog is posted – we aim to do one every 1-2 months, so notifications will be very occasional.

| 23rd January 2017

We hope that this site will be of value to all those with an interest in the use of large-scale health data to improve quality of care and further our understanding of what influences health and healthcare outcomes.  We believe that the potential of ‘big data’ will be best realised if we can take...

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  • May 2017:
    Information security – should we be worried?

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