Project lead: Professor Ian Jones

The Data

The data is from the NCMH Cohort Study. The study recruits both child and adult participants via NHS services and from the general population, with a specific focus on neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. The dataset contains information on approximately 6000 patients recruited and tracked over a long period, as part of the Bipolar Disorder Research Network.

The data includes:

  • phenotypic information (information about the various manifestations of mental ill health including the nature, timing and persistence of clinical symptoms and signs, as well as other psychological and biological variables); and
  • biological samples linked to routine clinical NHS data.

Additional data includes:

  • the study participation details;
  • medications and treatments;
  • psychological status;
  • social factors;
  • medical status and substance use; and
  • DNA samples.

The Project

The centre’s general areas of research are the triggers and causes of mental health problems. This research project is looking at bipolar spectrum disorders. In particular, the relationship of mood disorders to childbirth and the identification and management of women at high risk of severe postpartum episodes.

Using Atmohealth

It is anticipated that the use of Atmohealth will benefit a number of departmental areas, including Field research, Biomaterial and Data management. The same data will be used to answer different questions, such as:

  • breakdown of demographic and diagnostic information;
  • numbers of participants that match certain criteria;
  • how data are used; and
  • the time taken between samples and the results of those samples.

The integration of genotypic metadata and a sample of biomarkers with more conventional phenotypic data will facilitate both research management (e.g. easy identification of subsets of patients who have or have not provided DNA samples) and exploration of the relationship between genotypic and phenotypic variables.