University of Limerick

Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Project lead: Professor Alan Donnelly

The Data

The dataset contains details on the health and physical activity of every pupil in up to 25 schools in Ireland. Data will be measured twice a year over a two year-research project starting in September 2017.

The data includes:

  • level of physical activity;
  • physical attributes, such as weight and height;
  • cardio respiratory endurance; and
  • muscular strength.

Each school will capture data using ‘Care Partner’. This is a centrally hosted data capture application, also supplied by Imosphere. School teachers will enter the data directly, as part of routine educational practice. The data will automatically find its way into the Atmohealth platform. This enables researchers to explore the data directly.

The Project

The research objective is to prevent the growth in incidence of diseases, such as diabetes, that have been closely related to obesity and lack of physical activity. It is hoped that the project will achieve this by identifying insights and interventions that optimise physical fitness during school years.

Using Atmohealth

Atmohealth will provide a central repository, facilitating initial data exploration and comparison of cohorts of pupil fitness, both across schools and over time as they proceed through the education system. The data collected will also be exportable for more formal statistical analysis.

Atmohealth will provide the basis for production and supply of standard reports to schools, which are intended to facilitate improved physical fitness. For example, through visualised ‘benchmarking’ comparisons with similar pupil groups in other schools and tracking of change in response to interventions, etc.

Longer-term, it is hoped that Atmohealth will provide a central anonymised research repository through which subsets of data may be made available on a national or international basis for research purposes.